• Fall is an ideal time to sample soil
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    Sample areas in the field that have similar crop yields, crop rotation histories, fertilizer application methods, and sources of applied nutrients.

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Precision Agri Services Inc. (PASI) provides the best agronomic, environmental, ag technology, planter services, and planter products to farmers & agribusinesses in Ohio and surrounding states.

We've been the preferred supplier of ag systems, agronomy supplies, planters, fertilizer equipment, agricultural equipment technology, and general farm equipment since 1994.


As a Precision Planting Premier Dealer, we’re certified precision agriculture experts, with rigorous training and an extensive knowledge base. We stock all Precision Planting solutions, including: 20|20 Monitor, DeltaForce™, vDrive, BullsEye® Seed Tube, CleanSweep™, and vDrive.

As a Blue Delta Ag Leader Dealer, we’re dedicated to making precision farming easier and more profitable for you. We stock the latest Ag Leader technology, including: SeedCommand™, Yield Monitor, SteadySteer™, SteerCommand® Z2, SureDrive™, SureStop®, and Compass™.

Crop Consulting & Agronomy Services


We sell no fertilizer products whatsoever—so you can trust that the recommendations we make are in your best interests, not ours. Trust PASI for crop consulting, crop scouting, soil sampling, fertility testing and more.

Get Your Soil In Shape
Agriculture Technology & Data Services


We carry many different agriculture technology lines—you have different needs, and at PASI, we don’t believe in “one size fits all.” Whether you need to collect data, or just want to sort it all out, we can help.

Make Sense of Your Data
Planter Services


PASI specializes in seed meter calibration, planter inspections and setup, planter troubleshooting, planter rebuilding, and custom-built planters. We also sell attachments and equipment to help you improve your planter.

Precision-Tune Your Planter

At Precision Agri Services Inc., we have three goals:

make you more efficient,

make you more profitable,

help you do what’s right for the environment.


Everything we do is meant to achieve one or more (or all) of those goals.

That means when we recommend a particular soil technique, some new planting equipment, or a piece of technology, you won’t have to worry. For us, it’s not about special ties with a manufacturer or the size of our consulting check. It’s about helping you manage and grow your farm to maximize success.

For smart strategies, straight talk and great results, trust PASI.


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we’re farmers, too.

We’ve been where you are, and we know how important it is to be able to count on good, reliable advice.

Your success is our success—which is why we treat your farm like it’s our own.

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